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HP Debuts DVD Back-Up Solution

Las Vegas — Hewlett-Packard introduced a new photo archiving solution at PMA.

Dubbed SimpleSave Photo, the software is embedded on an otherwise blank DVD disc. When inserted into a PC, the software will automatically scan the computer for image and video files without loading or consumer interaction. Once the files are identified, consumers can burn a DVD (or multiple discs depending on the size of their photo collection) with one click.

A single disc can store 2,000 and HP will sell the solution for $14.99 with a total of five DVDs for additional capacity. It will ship in April.  

According to HP, the software supports up to 100 photo and video file formats. The solution is write-once, and the software cannot remember which files it has backed up and which ones it hasn’t. When a consumer begins a new SimpleSave session, their entire collection will be re-burned, a company spokesman said.