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HP Content Unit Reveals Alliance

Palo Alto, Calif. – HP formally revealed a pair of strategic alliances with Ascent Media Group (AMG) to co-develop, market and deliver services and technologies to enable Hollywood studios, content providers and aggregators to archive, repurpose and distribute media digitally for the multi-channel video market.

The companies are also working on a separate venture called HP NextDayTV to produce and rapidly deliver special television event programming on packaged media, including DVDs.

On the movie studio technology venture, HP said Sony Pictures Entertainment was the first to be involved, followed last March by Paramount Pictures as the next customer.

To date, the AMG and HP team has processed more than 60,000 assets, delivered file-based titles to more than 50 broadcast and broadband distributors and archived more than 7,000 titles for Sony, Paramount and other customers, HP said.

Meanwhile, the HP NextDayTV project makes current and local event television and sports programs available to retail customers on DVD shortly after the event or broadcast.

HP is working with AMG to capture and encode content that is sent to HP for delivery to retail customers on DVD via HP’s manufactured-on-demand service.

HP said it is currently running HP NextDayTV pilots with retail partners and working with Major League Baseball to make available on DVD recent titles – including exclusive game footage of Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home run – within two days of the event.

Recently broadcast TV shows and sporting events that have high relevancy in specific geographic markets or with specific consumer segments also are being targeted for release, the company said.

HP NextDayTV makes current and local event television and sports content available to retail customers on DVD shortly after the event or broadcast. This service is made possible via HP’s digital supply chain and DVD manufactured-on-demand services.

The service is a component of HP Video Merchant Services, which enables retailers to merchandise a broad catalog of home video titles and to fulfill orders from consumers across multiple formats, including digital downloads, DVDs produced on-demand as well as traditional packaged DVD product.

The company said HP NextDayTV offers consumers content that would otherwise be unavailable on DVD until weeks or months later.

Major League Baseball Productions and HP first released manufactured-on-demand DVD content in July with Collector’s Replay Edition DVDs of the “2007 Major League Baseball All-Star Game” and the “2007 State Farm Home Run Derby” immediately following the conclusion of those events.

Trans World Entertainment, one of the largest specialty music and video retailers in the United States, was the first company to employ HP’s DVD manufactured-on demand service and is currently selling a growing catalog of “hard to find” titles through their, and online stores.