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House of Marley Expanded Headphones At CES

Las Vegas – House of
Marley returned to International CES with a variety of new headphones in its
Jammin’ and Freedom lines.

In the Jammin’ line are
three new models. The Riff in-ear headphones ($19.99) feature a
one-size-fits-all foam tip that will be Earth-friendly, the company said, made
out from either recycled materials or a sustainable source. A variety of colors
are offered.

The Marley Lively Up
model ($29.99) is a pair of sport in-ear headphones constructed with a recycled
plastic body.

The Little Bird on-ear
headphones ($49.99) have a stainless-steel design meant to be thin and
lightweight, while the on-ear Rhythm headphones have a retractable design with
a ratcheting system and flexible ear cups. Both are said to be covered in
Earth-friendly fabrics.

House of Marley launched
two new models in its Freedom line.

The Rhythm on-ear
headphones ($179) feature a hidden sizing system and an ear cup attachment
design meant for comfort. The company also unveiled the Flight over-ear
headphones for $199.

All are scheduled to be
available this summer.