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Home Technology Store Bows Color Service

Rochester, Minn. — The Home Technology Store is offering an exclusive custom coloring service for electronics called Hu.

The coloring process is designed to match the color of one’s electronic devices to that of a customer’s home décor.

According to a release, the Hu service is available through its Designer Series and its Hidden Series.

The Hu Designer Series lets user choose colors to match or compliment room décor.

The Hu Hidden Series is said to let a user perfectly match their wall color. Users send in a paint swatch and Hu can customize the color to match.

According to the company, the retailer can apply the Hu process to electronics purchased in its brick-and-mortar store or online at The company estimates that it needs an average two weels for delivery.

According to a company spokesperson, pricing varies depending on the type and size of the product being treated.