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‘Home Stations’ Builds Business Around Converter-Box Installs

West Pittston, Pa. — A new nationwide installation business has emerged that’s tuned into the coming digital broadcast transition.

The company, which launched here last month, offers a wide menu of DTV broadcast solutions for consumers as well as apartment buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals and schools, including converter boxes, indoor and roof antennas and the installation of both.

Home Stations maintains its own inventory, supplemented by distributors, and developed its own network of 10,000 qualified installers located around the country. It also operates a 50-person call center here, which will later be expanded to 100 staffers.

The company was created by president/CEO Gary Zurenda, who has been working on the concept quietly for the past year in order to stay below the radar of cable and satellite operators, he said. His executive director, Colleen Daly, told TWICE that the business plan is twofold: to help people make the initial analog-to-digital broadcast transition, and to capture cable and satellite TV customers who could now receive upwards of 35 to 40 digital channels, including some in HD, over the air for free.

“‘I want my free DTV.’ That is what I hear most,” Daly said. “It is [also] important that the poor, shut-ins and misfortunate have at least one television working in case of a crisis because this is the emergency frequency.”

Added Zurenda, “It’s a great feeling knowing I can help free people from a monthly bill so they can put that savings toward their families.”

Services include receiver, antenna and installation packages starting at $60, or individual hardware and installation options. The company also provides free shipping and a 10 percent discount to seniors and veterans.

Home Stations Installations, based here, caters strictly to customers who want to continue receiving over-the-air TV signals after June 12 — or would like to start in lieu of cable or satellite service.