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Home Automation Peripheral – Insteon LED Bulb for Recessed Lights

Few categories in consumer electronics are receiving more attention than home automation right now, and Insteon is certainly riding the lighting wave with its smart LED bulbs for recessed lights.

The PAR38 12-watt LED floodlight bulb features the company’s dual-band technology to communicate over both powerline and RF, and can be controlled using Insteon’s switches, keypads or remotes. The dimmable bulbs can also be controlled with a smartphone if the consumer has the Insteon Hub.

Configurable software enables users to link to additional controllers, add to lighting scenes and customize brightness levels and ramp rates. Schedules can be created, such as “Leaving the House,” allowing homeowners to power off all unwanted lights and other devices and appliances that add to “vampire” energy use.

Joe Gerber, president of home automation supplier Insteon, recently told TWICE that the company is witnessing a bump in orders as retailers load up in preparation for the fourth quarter. “There is a lot of consumer interest in home automation products right now,” he said. “If you want to drive traffic to your store, highlighting products from a hot sector makes sense, whether its wearables or home automation devices.

The bulbs have lives of up to 52,000 hours, according to Insteon, and the 12- watt bulb is said to be as bright as a 75- watt incandescent light. A typical tungsten light bulb reportedly features a 1,000- hour lifetime.

Each Insteon bulb carries a two-year warranty and has a $49.99 suggested retail.