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Holiday Console Gaming Revenue To See Growth

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. — IDC is predicting that PlayStation 4 sales will just barely beat out Microsoft’s Xbox One this holiday season.

It also said overall console sales will enjoy a slight uptick in sales compared with 2012.

The report credited the PS4’s lower price point for its expected dominance this year.

IDC also anticipates that prepaid, full-game, micro game and download revenue derived via console game platforms will overtake similar revenue from similar PC-based games for the first time this year. The research firm noted that console-based subscription revenue will rise this year, while subscription-based PC game revenue will decline.

Smart-TV-based gaming is also on the rise, but IDC is predicting that it will still represent less than 10 percent of game-related spending by 2017; however, IDC does not believe smart TVs will push the major console vendors out of the living room any time soon.