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Hitachi Launches CineForm Ads

San Diego, Calif. – Hitachi launched a “multi-million-dollar” national advertising campaign in support of the company’s CineForm line of rear-projection liquid-crystal display (LCD) and HD plasma televisions.

The campaign, entitled “Beauty of Science,” stresses the company’s “design aesthetics” strengths in creating sleek contemporary cabinets, and will run through the winter 2005 season.

The campaign is leveraging broadcast, print and online advertisements, as well as a 3-D interactive online product showroom.

Devised by The Lambesis Agency, the campaign will employ three 30-second TV spots running on cable networks associated with cinematic and high-definition (HD) programming and print advertisements are already featured in consumer electronics enthusiast, design/shelter and men’s consumer publications.

The TV spots were directed by Albert Hughes of the Hughes Brothers (“From Hell,” “Menace II Society,” “Dead Presidents”), who brought in cinematographer Bill Pope (“The Matrix Trilogy,” “Spider-Man 2”).

“The campaign represents Hitachi’s ongoing commitment to bridging the gap between form factor and innovative technologies, proving that beauty and science can indeed exist comfortably together,” said Leo Delaney, Hitachi marketing VP.

The ads will also highlight Hitachi’s status as one of the only companies that designs and produces every core component in its sets.

The online element of the campaign will roll out simultaneously with the broadcast advertisements, with premium listings used to drive traffic to Hitachi’s Web site and build awareness for the new LCD and plasma TVs.

The company’s online 3-D interactive showroom is powered by Flash programming techniques to simulate an in-store shopping experience.

The interactive showroom is designed to address the rising numbers of customers who rely on Web sites for information gathering prior to making a purchase, Hitachi said.

Included on the site – at — are a panoramic view of the virtual showroom, a “Home Environment” where visitors can preview TV models in a modern domestic setting and a “Home Theater Planner” that recommends configurations based on product model specifications.

Products featured in the ads including the CineForm LCD VS810 LCD rear projection TV series powered by a Dual Focus Light Engine.

Also featured is the CineForm plasma HDT51 series which offers Hitachi’s proprietary high aperture technology for a bright, detailed image.

A number of ad placements will also feature Hitachi’s fourth-generation DVD camcorder and its PJTX100 home theater LCD front-projector.