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Hitachi Kicks Off ‘1.5’ LCD TV Demo Tours

Chula Vista, Calif. — Hitachi on Monday kicked off a “Thin Is In Motion” marketing campaign that employs a mobile truck tour and a hands-on experience program.

At the center of the effort is Hitachi’s “1.5 family” of 1.5-inch-thick LCD TVs, which are being placed with several high-end locations. The sets were first announced late in 2007 and demonstrated at the International CES in January. Hitachi will spotlight select models from the line in hotels and department stores around the United States

Hitachi said it selected the upscale environments to target highly affluent and luxury-conscious consumers, who fit the series’ primary customer demographic.

The 1.5 line will be available this spring in the 32-, 37- and 42-inch screen sizes (a 47-inch model will ship later in the fall).

The line was designed to give consumers a range of options for placement in homes. Whether placed in a bathroom, kitchen, office or bedroom or as the centerpiece of a state-of-the-art home theater system, the displays “pack style and performance into a sleek, compact and lightweight form factor that is the ideal complement to an elegant, modern home décor,” according to the company.  

In addition to the experiential product placements, Hitachi is sending a truck-based mobile showcase out on the road beginning this month. Hitachi is using four Hitachi-branded 17-foot trucks to travel the country to show consumers its 1.5 display line.

The trucks will each contain one 32-inch black display, one 32-inch white display and one 37-inch black display that will all run high-definition content. The two 32-inch models will be on pedestals that rotate so consumers can fully experience the thinness of the displays. The truck tour and product placements will run through this month and will travel to more than 75 cities.

“Seeing definitely is believing and that is very important, but our Thin Is In Motion campaign goes a step further by allowing consumers an immersive experience with our exciting new 1.5 product family,” stated Daniel Lee, Hitachi America ubiquitous platform systems division marketing VP. “We know that once consumers engage with our ultra-thin displays, when they observe the sleek, elegant design from 360-degrees front to back, when they view the eye-popping high-def visuals and hear the amazing sound quality, they will appreciate why the Hitachi brand is recognized worldwide as a technology and style leader.”

The campaign’s two components were planned in partnership with Hitachi’s media, marketing and digital agency Initiative, part of the Interpublic Group of Companies. The product placement and truck tour will run throughout the month of March.