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Hisense Unveils Its Largest TV Screen Sizes Ever

Goal For A Bigger Presence In The U.S. Market Reflected In 70-To 100-Inch Offerings

Hisense is going big with its new TV line.

The company is unveiling sizes beyond 65 inches for the first time ever featuring its proprietary ULED technology, which enhances color, contrast, black levels, brightness and smooth motion, according to Hisense.

The new TVs include the 65-inch H9 series and 70-inch H10 series, described as the largest ULED television sold in the U.S. The enhanced ULED technology features quantum dot and local dimming in 320 zones.

The big-screen lineup also includes four new screen sizes for Hisense’s 4K HDR10 H8 series in 65-, 70-, 75-and 86-inch screen sizes, which join the 50-and 55-inch screen sizes that are currently on store shelves.

Hisense claims the new ULED technology is up to three times brighter than OLED with better dynamic range and perception of black and white. The 65-inch H9 model, a new screen size in Hisense’s entry-level ULED TV series, is edge lit and offers multi-zone local dimming; 4K HDR10 streaming and playback; wide color gamut reaching over 83 percent of DCI-P3; UHD upscaling; and dbx audio.

Hisense said the 70-inch H10 series brings its most advanced picture technologies to the largest screen-size yet, with 320 zones of ultra-black full-array local dimming, UHD Premium certified 4K HDR10 streaming and playback, Quantum Dot, wide color gamut and dbx audio that’s designed to achieve THX certification.

The 65-inch H9 will be priced to retail for $1,699, and the 70-inch H10 for $3,499, when they ship in early 2017.

The new H8 series sizes have been upgraded to include 4K HDR10 streaming and playback, including Netflix and YouTube HDR and 4K streaming. The 65-and 75-inch screen sizes are edge lit and offer multi-zone local dimming. The 70-and 86-inch sizes feature direct LED technology and ultra-black full-array local dimming. Both the 65-and 75-inch screen sizes feature a Pure Color wide color gamut that reaches greater than 83 percent of the DCI-P3 color spectrum, Hisense said.

Expected suggested retail prices are $999, $2,499, $2,999 and $5,999 for the 65-, 70-, 75-and 86-inch models, respectively. The 70-and 75-inch screen sizes will be available in Dec. and the other sizes will ship in early 2017