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High Definition TV Owners Ready For 3-D TV

Portland, Ore. — A recent online survey conducted by Quixel Research found that three-fourths of consumers have seen a 3-D movie with 3-D glasses and nearly 75 percent would recommend a 3-D experience to family and friends.

The TV display market research firm has just published a new study called “3D Displays for Mainstream Consumers,” featuring a online opinion study of more than 750 HDTV owners on 3-D technology.

“3-D has been around for a long time but has not really penetrated the home or personal display markets,” stated Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel Research principal. “Our study shows that over half of the consumers surveyed are interested in a 3-D display at home and a significant group of the sample expects to see a home offering in the next one to two years. With consumer adoption of HDTV well over 50 percent, this is great news for manufacturers looking for the next big thing.”

Some of the key findings in the study include the following:

• 3-D product awareness: 75 percent of respondents have had a 3-D experience and 73 percent said that they would recommend 3-D to friends or family.

• 3-D interest/purchasing: Close to half of those surveyed are interested in watching 3-D at home, with younger respondents, as well as those who had seen a 3-D movie recently, even more interested than the overall sample.

• 3-D timing: More than one-third of those surveyed expect 3-D TV within one to two years. Almost half cited that they have a high preference to receive 3-D content via their cable/satellite provider while Blu-ray Disc was their most preferred method.

• 3-D opinions: 3-D is not a gimmick or fad for most surveyed. Both positive and negative opinions are provided; respondents describe 3-D as an image or experience with depth, which is realistic and lifelike. It is an immersive and improved way to experience a movie or game.

• 3-D glasses: While glasses are a distraction, it was not enough to hinder consumers’ interest in a purchase. Several sub groups will pay more for a 3-D TV without glasses, but even a 3-D experience with glasses is something consumers are interested in for the home.

• 3-D movies and games: More than half of respondents agreed that 3-D makes movies and games more enjoyable, with gamers finding the 3-D experience slightly more enjoyable than the overall sample.

Quixel is selling a copy of the report at or by contact Pratt at (503) 699-5133 or [email protected].