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HiFiMan Readies $1,000 Portable Music Player

New York – HiFiMAN brought its next-generation audiophile-oriented personal music player to CE Week and priced it at $1,000.

The HM-901 is targeted to ship at the end of July to replace the HM-801, which is out of stock.

Compared to its predecessor, the device adds dual DACs instead of a single DAC, support for more lossless formats, expanded storage capacity and swappable amplifier cards for use with different types of headphones.

The new lossless codecs include ALAC and AIFF. Other supported formats include WAV, FLAC, AAC, APE, OGG, MP3 and WMA. DSD downloads aren’t supported yet, but the device’s processing chip is capable of handling it with a possible future firmware upgrade, a spokesman said.

The dual DACs are 32-bit Sabre DACs. Though it lacks embedded storage, the HM-901 comes with 128GB SDXC card slot, whereas its predecessor shipped with a low amount of embedded memory and a 32GB SD Card slot.

The included swappable amplifier card features a single-ended output to drive most headphones, but a higher power balanced-output amplifier is planned for headphones requiring balanced audio. The company also plans an amplifier card for headphones with six or more drivers.

With its optical, coaxial and USB input options, the portable player can also be used as a DAC for other audio sources, including computers.

The New York City-based company also markets high-end headphones, headphone amps, USB audio cards and related accessories.