Hewlett-Packard Ships Tablet Equipped Printer.

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Palo Alto, Calif. - Hewlett-Packard yesterday unveiled the PhotoSmart eStation, a an all-in-one printer with a 7-inch removable tablet attached.

The eStation, shipping now at $399, is a standard printer, scanner copier, but it replaces the standard LCD control panel with the tablet.

The Wi-Fi tablet uses a modified version of the Android operating system. The portable device has full web connectivity along with the ability to use the Barnes & Noble e-bookstore. In addition, it can be programmed to tell the printer to automatically print out web content, like news stories, on a set schedule.

The tablet intended purpose is to make it simple to print web content without having to access desktop or notebook, the company said.

The company also today rolled out the latest incarnation of its touchscreen Touchsmart all-in-one PC.

The new TouchSmart comes with an updated software package called Magic Canvas and access to the HP TouchSmart Apps Center.

The TouchSmart line includes two desktop, the TouchSmart 310 and 600, and the TouchSmart TM2 notebook. Respective pricing is $699, $999 and $829.


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