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HES Signs Sunfire

Anaheim, Calif. — Sunfire will begin selling its line of innovative luxury home theater and audio products to qualified members of the Home Entertainment Source (HES) buying group this fall.

The factory-direct program, which is slated to launch on Oct. 1, will include individual dealers subject to approval and authorization by Sunfire as well as group incentives.

“We are very excited to announce a partnership with a brand that’s so well respected by our members,” said Jim Ristow, executive VP of HES, the specialty A/V division of the Brand Source buying organization. “The performance of the product and Sunfire’s market strategy offer a great solution for our group.”

Sunfire general manager Mark Weisenberg said introducing its unconventional products through “qualified, professional dealers has always been tantamount to the successful growth of Sunfire. The partnership between Home Entertainment Source and Sunfire is a natural fit as we combine the expertise of many of the finest dealers in the U.S. with the relevant home theater products we sell.”

Founded 14 years ago by audio innovator Bob Carver, Sunfire designs, develops, manufactures and markets unique luxury home theater and audio products. The company’s numerous patented technologies include the tracking down-converter power supply used in its subwoofers and amplifiers, and the high pressure, high back-end technology also employed in its subwoofers.

Aided by its warehouse distribution program, the 500-member, $1.8 billion HES provides specialized pricing, merchandising allowances and rebate programs to the CE independent specialist, while using the scale of its Brand Source parent to offer a range of general business services.