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HES Adds 10 New Members To Group

ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Home Entertainment Source (HES), the audio/video specialist buying group that is a division of Brand- Source, has added 10 new members from Nevada to Indiana to New Jersey.

“The year is not over yet, but we’re already expecting very good numbers for new dealers joining the group in 2012,” says director of communications for HES, Andy Orozco. “We’ve added 40 new dealers from January through October alone, and we are looking to finish the year strong.”

Jim Ristow, executive VP of HES, said, “We think our unmatched member and vendor programs will continue to attract new HES members throughout the rest of the year and into 2013. Thanks to our robust programs and increased recruitment efforts, we are thrilled to be attracting high-quality dealers from all over the country. We are very pleased with the breadth, diversity, and venerability of all these new HES members.”

New members who joined Home Entertainment Source from August to October 2012 include: The Phonograph, Tulsa, Okla.; Home Technology Experts, Southampton, N.Y.; Rotmans, Worcester, Mass.; Sound Towne, Texarkana, Tex.; ESS, Hillsborough, N.J.; Global Sight and Sound, Sussex, Wisc.; Premiere Home Entertainment, Las Vegas, N.V.; The Soho Shop, St. Charles, Mo.; Digital Home Design, Carmel, Ind.; and Sunbelt Technology, Atlanta, Ga.