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Hercules Debuts HD Web Cam

New York – Hercules, a manufacturer of IT, DJ and Wi-Fi devices,
announced a new Web cam on Thursday.

Dualpix HD720p is trumpeted as a high-definition mini Web cam that delivers
720p resolution. Suggested retail is $59.99, and it will be available in early

to the company, it has the ability to rotate on two axes for the best angle,
“capturing pictures and angles unachievable by earlier models of Web cams.”
Other features include wide-angle auto focus lens, a built-in microphone, and
the ability to automatically rotate the picture angle and detect the user’s
position at the start of each chat session.

It also
has a 1-megapixel CMOS sensor, 5-megapixel photo resolution, 3x zoom and   USB 2.0 Video Class interface for high-speed

company said the Web cam is compatible with such videoconferencing applications
as Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger Skype, AOL Instant Messenger and
Yahoo! Messenger.