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Health, Fitness Technology Options Abound

LAS VEGAS — There are few accessories categories growing faster than digital health and fitness technology products, as proven by the sheer number of such exhibitors at this year’s International CES.

BodyMedia is introducing the Vue, a disposable, waterproof adhesive patch that monitors wellness factors such as calorie burn, activity levels, sleep patterns and overall calorie balance over a five- to seven-day period.

The Vue, developed in collaboration with Vancive Medical Technologies, was designed as a low-cost solution for creating a snapshot of an individual’s lifestyle habits for use in developing behavioral-modification recommendations by health, wellness and fitness professionals. Data gathered by the monitor can provide a baseline that can be used to support weight-loss plans, screen employees for corporate wellness programs, adjust sports and fitness training, and assist health care practitioners in patient evaluation, among others.

The Vue employs new adhesive chemistries and production technologies that allows for a depth of less than 5mm for inconspicuous wear under a shirt or sweater. It is smaller than a user’s palm and is said to be comfortable, easy to remove and waterproof, with the ability to stay in place for up to seven days even with the wearer exercising and bathing.

The Vue will reach the market in the first quarter and can be seen at the show in booth 26711.

Fitbug is in booth 2603 to unveil its new Fitbug Air, a small monitoring device that tracks daily activities and calories and syncs the data wirelessly via Bluetooth in real time to mobile devices. The company is also showing its redesigned website that organizes the data.

The new has features that make it easier for members to get on and stay on track, including new dashboard- style pages; new color keyed graphics so members can instantly see if they’ve reached their targets; and an expanded nutrition section that allows members to save, edit, search and select regular meals.

Future plans due to launch later this year include API partnerships with some of the leading nutrition apps.

GeoPalz is unveiling it iBitz activity tracker, a wireless pedometer device that syncs to a smartphone via Bluetooth and tracks physical activity and incorporates games and rewards for motivation.

The iBitz Unity is the adult version of the product that tracks steps, distance, weight, height, overall physical activity and body mass index for the user and family members. It also syncs data from third-party wireless devices such as scales, heart rate monitors and popular social-fitness apps.

The children’s version of the app interface, the iBitz PowerKey, incorporates GeoBotz characters that a child must keep healthy through physical activity, eating healthy food and drinking water. Based on physical activity levels, kids can unlock levels inside the incorporated games and earn game time, rewards and prizes through

The app includes a donation platform that allows a user to fund-raise for a favorite organization or school with physical activity. Once a user is registered, a group can be formed and other iBitz users can be invited to join. iBitz will track the total steps of everyone in the group. More than 175 organizations already accept pledges from donors in exchange for participants walking a required daily amount of steps, the company said.

The iBitz PowerKey has a suggested retail of $35. It includes an activity tracker, a USB dongle for syncing to a PC, a hip and shoe clip and an extra battery. The iBitz Unity retails for $50. Family four-packs will also be available at retail.

iHealth Labs is highlighting its line of iOS-based wireless health monitors and new partnerships with online service providers Evernote and Practice Fusion.

The partnerships allows iHealth device users to track and share their results in Evernote, and enables the efficient communication of relevant health information between patients and their physicians in Practice Fusion, the largest doctor-patient community.

iHealth’s latest products, available for purchase at and Apple and Best Buy stores, are the iHealth wireless blood pressure wrist monitor, retailing for $79.95; the wireless blood pressure monitor for $99.95; and the wireless body analysis scale for $110.

The new companion app, iHealth MyVitals, is available free from Apple’s App Store.

iHealth Labs is exhibiting in booths 6024 and 26127.

Masimo, a supplier of devices for the medical industry, is introducing its first consumer product at International CES, the iSpO2 Signal Extraction Pulse Oximeter, an iOS-compatible blood oxygenation (SpO2) monitor.

The iSpO2 measures blood oxygenation (SpO2), pulse rate, and perfusion index measurements for sports and aviation use. It is not intended for medical use.

The device plugs into a 30-pin connector and the monitor end is clipped to a user’s ring finger. Results are delivered instantaneously to the device’s screen through a free app that is automatically downloaded the first time the iSpO2 is attached.

Masimo is demonstrating the iSpO2 in booth 26915.

Omron Fitness is introducing its web-based fitness dashboard that tracks data from the company’s strapless heart monitor and USB pedometer, among other devices.

Customizable features allow a user to monitor and share fitness progress through social media applications. The dashboard is accessible on a PC, tablet or smartphone and connects to Omron’s fitness monitoring devices via USB.

Users can set fitness goals and record personal bests, track and share stats, and earn reward badges for progress.

Trend mapping is available by day, week, month or year and data downloads and reports can also be output to PDF or CSV files.

The dashboard also incorporates training and motivational tips from Bob Greene, best known as Oprah Winfrey’s personal trainer.

Omron Fitness in demonstrating the new dashboard and compatible fitness monitors in booth 26511.

London-based Plessey is demonstrating a handheld electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor that delivers instant biometric readings to a PC, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The Plessey imPulse utilizes the company’s Epic sensors and two thumb contact pads which detect changes in the electric potential of the body. The raw data is transmitted to a device where software translates it into a clear ECG trace for display.

The imPulse will allow the routine, quick and accurate recording of ECG signals outside of the medical environment and without the need for conductive gel and skin preparation.

SecuraTrac is debuting its mobile app, SecuraFone Health, that can alert doctors, caregivers and family in real time when an unexpected health event occurs.

SecuraFone Health employs a sensor worn by the user on the chest or back to monitor vital signs 24 hours a day. The sensor patches are water-resistant, can be worn while bathing and need to be replaced every two or three days. Sensors have up to a 50-foot communication radius for sending health information to the user’s smartphone for processing.

The app can detect falls, caregiver-defined heart-rate changes, respiration-rate changes and other key vitals. When an unexpected change is detected, the app will send a real-time alert including information about the user’s location and other key details to designated contacts.

Users can also program a smartphone to automatically contact the SecuraFone Health emergency response center if a health event is detected, or the app can be programmed to text or email alerts to family members and doctors. Calls can also be triggered to a doctor or family member.

SecuraTrac is in GlobalSat WorldCom’s booth, 30275, in the South Hall. The SecuraFone Health app is scheduled for release in late January.

Finally, Wahoo Fitness is in booth 26525 showing a line of iOS-powered fitness, running and cycling devices as well as its latest health care product, the Balance smartphone scale.

Using Bluetooth technology, the Wahoo Balance tracks a user’s weight and body mass index over time, sending weigh-ins instantly to any compatible health and fitness iOS app.

The scale’s internal memory holds up to 130 weight readings, allowing a user to weigh in at any time with or without a device and sync to the app when it’s convenient. Users can track their progress with a range of charts, graphs and data points. Different profiles and weight goals can be set up for up to 16 different users and data can be synced to one or multiple iOS devices.

At launch, the Balance smartphone scale will be compatible with health and fitness apps, including TactioHealth, Target Weight Pro, Target Weight for Adults, MyNetDiary, Monitor Your Weight, Monitor Your Weight HD, iBody, Lose it! (coming soon), as well as the Wahoo Wellness app.