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Health & Fitness Products: Voxx International RCA Symphonix Personal Sound Amplifier (RPSA05)

It’s no secret that personal sound amplifiers can be costly, but Voxx International aimed to turn on its head with the RCA Symphonix RPSA05.

At a $199 suggested retail, David Geise, president of Voxx Accessories, called the device a “unique combination of value and performance.”

The RPSA05 runs on a replaceable ZA312 battery, with an earpiece that’s engineered to be discreet and easy to use. The device, which can be worn in either ear, weighs less than 0.25 ounce and can be used while speaking on a cellphone.

It also has a three-step progressive volume control.

When asked by TWICE how the RPSA05 has stood apart from the competition, Geise said it’s “the only product in its price range that offers high-definition digital sound processing, which amplifies speech frequencies and filters out unwanted background noises, so you can hear the sounds you want to hear.”