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Headphones More Than $300: Blue Microphones Mo-Fi

Mo-Fi combines a built-in audiophile amplifier and ultra-premium drivers to deliver true high-fidelity performance no matter the source—from A/V receivers to laptops, tablets and phones.

Mo-Fi’s unparalleled listening experience is made possible by its powered design—the first of its kind. The built-in audiophile amplifier offers six times more power than typical mobile devices and is perfectly matched to ultra-premium 50mm hi-fi drivers. This design takes the burden of power off of mobile devices, improving fidelity and performance on every device and delivering a high-fidelity experience.

Blue reimagined headphone design with Mo-Fi’s multi-jointed headband, custom tension control, height adjustment arms, and ear-shaped earcups, providing comfort and customized fit. The rechargeable battery gives listeners 12-14 hours of play time, and Mo-Fi conserves power by automatically shutting down when the headphones are taken off.

By delivering the performance of a hi-fi system inside headphones, Mo-Fi bridges the gap between mobility and fidelity, finally ending the compromise music lovers have been making since the rise of the MP3.