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Headphone Line Targeted To 12-V Specialists

Laguna Hills,
Calif. –

German Maestro

, the
supplier of Strada car speakers, is bringing a line of over-the-ear
audiophile-targeted headphones to the U.S. for distribution to 12-volt
specialists looking for a new sales opportunity.

German Maestro also markets high-end home
audio speakers in Europe.

Eight models in the Logic Headphone series,
available at suggested retails from $119 to $349, are “over-the-ear, audio-quality-focused
headphones,” said Ray Windsor, German Maestro USA president, formerly with car
audio suppliers Audiobahn and Eclipse.

The models, he said, are focused on sound
quality and “the feature that matters most to casual, heavy-duty and
professional listeners, exceptional comfort.” For that reason, he said, the
series does not include wireless or noise-cancellation models.

Other brands, he claimed, require a “painfully
tight fit to the head in order to create low frequencies that their transducers
are otherwise incapable of producing.” The Maestro models, on the other hand, feature
transducers and over-ear housings designed to reproduce low frequencies with
less pressure against a wearer’s head. As a result, he said, the headphones “seem
to vanish after 20 minutes or so of wear time, leaving the listener with only
an incredibly satisfying listening experience.”