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HDTV And Laptops Are Tops With Kids

Port Washington,
N.Y. – Young consumers are
showing a flat to somewhat falling interest in all CE devices except HDTV and
laptop computers, stated The NPD Group.

A recent NPD study entitled Kids & Consumer Electronics 6
found children from 4 to 14 years old showed the most interest in those two
devices, with 74 percent of kids watching TV and 70 percent using either a
desktop or laptop.

NPD said HDTV and laptop surpassed digital cameras as the most-acquired
device in the last 12 months, although these products could not beat out the
cellphone as the primary teen necessity, with 30 percent of this age group
buying one in the last year.

One area of increased usage is in how kids are using their other
devices. More children are using their cellphones for imaging and music, and portable
digital music players are being used to play videos.

In addition, four of the five consumer electronics items owned by
a child are likely to be portable. Console gaming systems was the lone
non-portable product.