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HDNet Joins Lehrer NewsHour On Reports

Dallas – HDNet announced today that it reached a agreement to co-produce with the The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer high-definition international reports, beginning with a piece Wednesday night on the Mexican drug war.

HDNet will air the first segment of a two-part premiere Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on channel 199 on DirecTV. The second part will air at 8:30 p.m. on July 3, 2002. The NewsHour, which is broadcast every weeknight on PBS, will include a separate report by NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Kaye.

In the reports, Kaye travels to Mexico to examine the Fox government’s crackdown on the country’s illegal drug trade. Interviews with Mexico’s Secretary of Defense, Army General Gerardo Vega; the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Jeffrey Davidow; as well as a former drug dealer and police officials detail the campaign’s successes as well as the battles against pervasive corruption and poverty.

‘Given HDNet’s experience in capturing stunning images in high-definition, we were delighted to collaborate on this important story and look forward to working together again on other international reports,’ said Lester Crystal, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer executive producer.

‘By providing resources for international reporting, we hope to continue to build upon this relationship to expand coverage of world events to both standard definition and high definition viewers,’ said Mark Cuban, HDNet president.