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HDMI Cables: Sanus ELM4306 6.6′ Super Slim

The Sanus ELM4306 6.6’ Super Slim HDMI cable, part of the company’s Elements accessories collection, was specially designed for connections in tight spaces.

It features a connector that is 40 percent shorter than standard HDMI cables and an ultra-flexible design that enables mounted ultra-thin TVs to sit almost flush. The cable is 3D-compatible and offers high-speed Internet connectivity. The ELM4306 supports 10-, 12- and 16-bit color depths and handles video resolution 1080p and beyond. With the ability to support audio return channel, the super slim cable also allows TVs to return audio to an A/V receiver or other audio controllers.

The cable has been one of Sanus’ best-selling products since it reached the market early last year.