HD Radio Hits Home At $119


North Sioux City, S.D. — Radiosophy expanded its home HD Radio selection with the lowest-priced tabletop HD Radio to date, the $119 HD100 due in May.

For a limited time, Radiosophy will sell the HD100 at an introductory price of $99.95 on orders placed by June 30 on the company’s Web site, www.radiosophy.com, or at its toll-free number, (877) 4HD-RADIO.

Tabletop HD Radios generally retail at prices starting at $299, though RadioShack offers an Accurian-branded tabletop radio at $199.

The multicast-capable 2x4-watt (RMS) HD100 comes with “scan HD” feature that enables scanning only of HD Radio stations in the area. When the radio detects a digital station, an indicator light blinks until the receiver locks on that station. A “scan all” feature lets users scan for both analog and HD stations.

Other functions include alarm, snooze and sleep clock-radio functions. The text display scrolls to show HD Radio station data and analog-FM RDS Radio Data System (RDS) data such as station name, call letters, song titles, artist name, traffic updates, news alerts, weather forecasts and sports scores.

The radio also features a line-in input to connect and amplify music on headphone MP3 players. Users can select up to 10 FM station presets and 10 AM station presets. It also allows for the connection of external AM and FM antennas.

The company’s first HD Radio product, the multi-stream HD transportable tuner with home speaker-base dock, began shipping in February after a delay of more than a year at a combined price of $269. The transportable tuner can be shuttled from the 2x8-watt RMS speaker dock to a home component audio systems or HTiB, where it connects via analog or digital outputs. The tuner can also be connected to a car audio system via RCA outputs or mini-jack, optional FM transmitter, or optional cassette adapter. A cigarette-lighter adapter is also needed.

The multicast-capable tuner also features clock-radio functions and 18 presents. A USB port has been added to the receiver to allow easy updates of the software via the Internet.


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