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HD Radio Alliance Launches New Campaign

Orlando, Fla. — The HD Digital Radio Alliance launched the third volley of awareness-boosting radio ads in the $200 million campaign initiated earlier this year to promote the rollout of digital AM and FM stations and radios.

The latest ad campaign incorporates a new brand identity and tagline; new advertising creative and online marketing elements to invite consumers to discover new, free, digital radio programming; and new simulcast “stations between the stations” that can be heard only with new HD Radio tuners, said alliance president/CEO Peter Ferrara.

The campaign, which revolves around the Discover It! tagline, will run in 50 markets, including 43 of the top 50 radio markets, and will make the alliance the first- or second-largest radio advertiser in those markets. More than 90 spots will run per week per station for nine weeks. More than 120 different spots will run in rotation so consumers don’t hear the same commercial too often, the alliance told TWICE. The ads appear on stations that are part of the alliance, whose members include major radio groups and independent station owners.

In a complementary strategy, the alliance’s consumer Web site,, has added new features and messaging with flash imagery to convey “a sense of discovery and wonder” and added more content to help consumers get the most out of their HD Digital Radio experience,” Ferrara said.

The alliance also announced that Amazon has joined the list of major retailers offering HD Radios, following in the footsteps of Tweeter, RadioShack, Magnolia Audio Video, ABC Warehouse, Crutchfield, Car Toys, Sears’ Great Indoors, One Call and others. Some, including Tweeter and Crutchfield, have run their own ads promoting HD Radio. Amazon offers the Boston Acoustics Recepter HD table radio at $239, Kenwood’s black-box car tuner at $199, Eclipse’s black-box car tuner at $449, JVC’s HD-equipped car CD/receiver at $197 and Panasonic’s HD-equipped CD/receiver at $399.

The alliance’s second wave of ads focused on the availability of HD Radios in select national and regional retailers. The first wave appeared in January and introduced the concept of digital AM and FM broadcasting to consumers.