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HD Radio $200M Campaign Kicks Off

Orlando, Fla. — A dozen leading radio companies this week will kick off the first phase of a $200 million advertising campaign to help accelerate the adoption of HD digital radio.

The new ads will air on more than 250 stations in the first 28 markets where HD Radio has been launched. The campaign is spearheaded by the HD Digital Radio Alliance, which formed in December to help push HD Radio.

The ad spots were developed by longtime radio advertising specialists Dick Orkin and the Radio Ranch.

The first wave of advertising includes 16 ads in 30- and 15-second versions. They promote not only radio stations but also the receiver makers, retailers and automakers selling the products. About 25 percent of the initial ads highlight Boston Acoustics’ Receptor Radio HD which can receive HD2 multicast channels (as HD Radio allows each station the extra bandwidth to broadcast two additional channels). Boston Acoustics lowered the price of the Receptor Radio HD to $299 as of Feb. 1.

More than 700 radio stations are currently broadcasting primary signals in HD digital radio.

HD digital radio receivers are currently manufactured by more than 15 companies, including Audio Design Associates, Kenwood, Alpine, Panasonic, Boston Acoustics, Polk, Day Sequerra, Radiosophy, Delphi, Rotel, DICE, Sanyo, Eclipse (Fujitsu), Yamaha, JVC and Visteon.