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HD LCD TV Accepts Feature Modules

A high-definition LCD TV developed by Malata accepts multiple back-panel modules to add features such as a DVD player/recorder, PVR, IPTV and Web browsing through a wireless keyboard.

The Emore LCD TV, on display in South Hall 2 of the LVCC at booth 25329, was designed so that modules would be conveniently accessible whether the display was mounted on a wall, on a table stand or on a wall next to a corner. If mounted on a table stand, for example, a DVD module can be mounted on the top of the back panel so that DVDs can be inserted from above. If the TV is wall-mounted, the DVD module can be positioned so a disc can be inserted from the side. If the display is wall-mounted against a corner, a disc can be inserted from the bottom of the display.

Other optional Emore modules include DVD player, DVD recorder, video-on-demand, home security and wireless 802.11a network module for connectivity to a home network.

“These evolutionary designs offer a multifunctional unit that takes no more space than a regular LCD TV but offers everything you need for a fully loaded home theater as well as home-office with the wireless 802.11a module,” said Malata CEO Jason Wang. “The Emore LCD TV gives the consumer more choices than ever to buy optional features according to their needs and budgets. With its one-click installation modules, consumers can add or remove a module any time.”

Pricing was unavailable at press time.

Malata is a USA branch of Wanlida Group, established in 1984 and headquartered in Xiemen, China. It is a high-end technology enterprise focused on digital audio and video products.