HD DVD Group Launches Ad Campaign

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Las Vegas — Supporters of the new HD DVD optical disc format announced at the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) 2006 conference, held here, the formation a new North American HD DVD promotional group to promote and educate the benefits of the technology to consumers.

Members of the group include Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video, Paramount Home Entertainment, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft and Toshiba.

The non-profit group unveiled a new advertising and marketing campaign showcasing HD DVD as “The Look and Sound of Perfect.”

The group and its member companies plan to back the campaign with an anticipated $150 million in trade and consumer marketing, advertising and promotion through the 2006 holiday season and into 2007, according to a statement announcing the effort.

The campaign will use all major consumer media outlets, including television, print, online and outdoor, co-marketing HD DVD hardware “with hundreds of HD DVD titles expected on store shelves by year-end 2006,” the group said.

“Following this spring's market introduction, we're now adding advertising and marketing muscle to HD DVD to demonstrate our full commitment to bring consumers the best in high-definition entertainment,” said Craig Kornblau, Universal Studios Home Entertainment president. “Surveys are showing that HD DVD is already the No. 1 recognized brand name for high-definition packaged media.”

The group will also use an 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck, called the HD DVD Mobile Experience, to tour the country this summer. The vehicle will be equipped with high-definition home theater equipment, PCs, laptops and the Xbox 360 entertainment system to tout the benefits of HD DVD.

“The wide-ranging activities of the new group will take HD DVD into the homes of people across North America, and make it crystal clear that HD DVD is the future in movies, home entertainment, computing and gaming,” stated Yoshihide Fujii, North American HD DVD promotional group chairman.

The Goodby, Silverstein & Partners advertising agency has been signed to coordinate ad planning and campaign execution for the North American HD DVD promotional group.

The San Francisco agency is noted for developing the “Got Milk?” campaign, and lists among its clients: HP, Saturn, Comcast, Motorola, Netflix and Starbucks.


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