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HD Camcorder Prices In Free Fall: IFR

Miami Beach, Fla. – The
average advertised retail prices of Samsung’s HD camcorders have risen in
retailers’ newspaper ads and circulars even though major competitors’ prices
went into “free fall,” IFR Monitoring

During the past four
quarters, ended in June, Samsung was alone among the five-most advertised HD
camcorder brands improve the average advertise price of its HD camcorders, IFR
said. Samsung’s performance came at a time when the advertised prices of other
major HD camcorder suppliers fell at double-digit percentage rates, in part due
to an influx of new brands, IFR said.

For the top three advertised
brands of HD camcorders – Sony, Canon and JVC – average advertised prices “dipped
significantly over the past year, driving average prices for the category down
to new lows,” IFR said. Pricing on those three brands fell in each of the
quarters to new lows, the company said.

Sony, the most-advertised
HD camcorder brand with a 52 percent share during the four quarters, suffered
the largest decline in average pricing since the third quarter of 2008, falling
46 percent to $480 in the second quarter of 2009, from $896 in the third
quarter of 2008.

Canon, the second
most-advertised brand, suffered a 21 percent decline in average advertised
price to $692 from $879. Another top-five brand, JVC, found its average pricing
falling in ads by 35 percent to $561 from $868.

Since the third
quarter of 2008, eight additional HD camcorder brands have been advertised by retailers,
IFR noted. The brands include Aiptek, Best Buy’s Insignia house brand and DXG,
with prices that “are approaching or have already approached the sub-$99 level
at retail,” IFR noted.

IFR tracks
advertised pricing by U.S. retailers in ROP newspaper ads and newspaper inserts
placed in the country’s top 100 newspapers.