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Hauppauge Shows PVR Capture At E3

Los Angeles – Hauppauge Digital introduced at the 2013 E3 a new all-in-one video recording capability that gives users of its popular gaming video recorder, the HD PVR 2, a new recording, streaming and editing application.

The Hauppauge Capture is a powerful video capture application which allows console and PC gamers to both record and live stream their game play along with commentary.

Hauppauge Capture is a free download for the HD PVR 2 and provides:

•        Built-in audio mixer to adjust the audio volume from game play and microphone audio

•        One touch recording of live game play

•        Live stream game play with chat via Twitch or Ustream using the built-in Hauppauge hardware boosted SteamEez application

•        Quick editing with the “cuts only” video editor

•        Personal logo inserter

•        YouTube upload

Hauppauge Capture also provides a built-in audio mixer to combine game chat with game audio.

The audio mixer is for both recording and streaming game play, and uses a microphone plugged into the recording PCs mic input.

Hauppauge Capture’s mixer has independent volume control of game and chat audio, and supports the HD PVR 2’s built-in record button, which is mounted in the top cover of all HD PVR 2 models. Users can instantly start and stop recordings directly from their HD PVR 2.

Hauppauges’ SteamEez application, built into Hauppauge Capture, uses the HD PVR 2 hardware video encoder to stream live game play via Twitch or Ustream.

Gamers can create high quality, low bit rate streaming game events for Twitch or Ustream followers. The built-in hardware video encoding means live streaming over the Internet will require minimal system resources.

The HD PVR 2 device is a small video recorder which records Xbox, PS3, WiiU or PC gaming play in full 1080p HD using a studio quality video encoder chip. The new Hauppauge Capture application uses the HD PVR 2 device to provide high quality video recording and streaming for game play. Hauppauge Capture includes a simple to use quality slide control allows users to choose their recording and streaming quality level. Hauppauge Capture runs on a Windows laptop or desktop PC using Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.

Hauppauge Capture will help users to maximize their game recording experience, benefiting from “one-click” functionality for capture, edit, YouTube, SteamEez, and settings all in one application.

A personal logo inserter also allows users to “burn” a personalized logo into their recordings.