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Harry Elias Forms Ad Agency

New York – Harry Elias, longtime JVC of America executive and member of the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, has announced the creation of an advertising media company called Elias Media.

Elias, CEO of the company, has formed the company with his daughter, Jyl Elias, who is president.

“Elias Media plans to cover all industries but we will have a major emphasis on consumer electronics,” according to Jyl Elias in a statement, and will handle online media opportunities and live events.

“We are going to represent magazines, newspapers, broadcast and online publications that have targeted demographics so we can offer advertisers a more effective way of reaching their audiences,” said Harry Elias.

The company’s current clients include Uptown Media Group, which publishes Uptown Magazine, and Citybuzz, an in-hotel TV network.
Elias Media is located at 442 East 75th Street, Suite 4D, New York, N.Y. 10021, 212-439-8513. Jyl can be reached at [email protected].