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Harman Corporate Moving To Connecticut

Washington — Harman International will consolidate its corporate offices from three locations to one in Stamford, Conn., by the end of the year to deliver “more effective collaboration” among top corporate staffers, said CEO Dinesh C. Paliwal.

Corporate offices are located in Stamford, as well as in Washington and in Northridge, Calif. Paliwal established a corporate presence in Stamford when he joined the company in July 2007.

“Although we expect some modest cost savings, the more significant benefit will come from uniting our team in a central location for more effective collaboration,” he said. “This consolidation will help to improve productivity, communications, and response to stakeholders among our senior staff.”

Harman currently has about 30 employees at its Washington headquarters and a smaller number at the Northridge campus, where the company also operates administrative and manufacturing operations that aren’t moving to Stamford.

About a dozen key employees are expected to move to Stamford shortly, including several members of the company’s executive committee and group functions, the company said. Dr. Sidney Harman, founder and chairman, will maintain his office in Washington, where he is active in business and philanthropic pursuits, the company added.