Happy Days For Music Servers


Westlake Village, Calif. — Fonzie, for those who remember TV’s famous leather-jacketed tough guy, would be flummoxed by one of the newest jukeboxes to hit the market.

The Qsonix network-capable Nostalgic digital jukebox.

The Nostalgic digital jukebox QJB110 is the stand-alone jukebox-style version of the Q110 component-style networked music-server system, both offered by Qsonix. Starting at a suggested $12,000, the QJB110 is promoted as the industry’s only networked multizone nostalgia-styled jukebox, allowing for music streaming from its internal HDD to four zones.

Made from solid walnut and die-cast metal, the jukebox plays back HDD-stored music through its 360-watt amp, built-in stereo speakers and subwoofer. The touchscreen-controlled jukebox also can be connected to a multiroom-audio system to deliver music to up to four independent zones. It integrates with existing home-control systems from companies such as AMX and Crestron. A built-in CD drive lets users rip CDs for HDD storage in WMA lossless format with 2:1 compression at 192kbps and 320kbps data rates. It also downloads WMA lossless music directly from the MusicGiants store.

It connects to iPods to automatically transfer stored playlists and album art from the jukebox to the iPod with one-button press. The jukebox also performs file-format conversion to MP3 or WAV to transfer tracks.


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