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HANNspree Brings ‘Fun’ To LCD TV

Mahwah, N.J. — Flat-screen TV dealers will have to get ready to sell “fun” in addition to technology with the arrival next month of the first HANNspree LCD TVs.

Of the company’s 65 LCD-TV designs (used in over 150 individual SKUs) slated for phase one, 40 will feature non-licensed HANNspree designs, eight will feature NBA-licensed themes, four will involve MLB themes, six will use Disney themes, and five are “showroom statement” pieces featuring Warner Brothers themes. The latter is pending completion of U.S. licensing terms before products can be sold.

The first phase of the rollout will include 10-inch 12-inch, 15-inch and 23W-inch screen sizes. Smaller screen sizes (10 inches to 15 inches) are configured to the 4:3 aspect ratio and will accept standard-definition video sources (composite and S-video) and stereo audio using an included dongle connector cable.

Four 23W-inch models will offer full 16:9 aspect ratios, full 1,280 by 720 high-definition resolution, and will include both DVI/HDCP and HD component video inputs.

All models will use HannStar panels and include NTSC tuners only. Each ships with a remote styled to complement the design of the TV.

Design concepts for the line are grouped according to “playful,” “sports” or “fantasy” themes, with subcategories for “fashion,” “lifestyle” and “themed sports.”

One of the biggest groupings is sports, where HANNspree relies heavily on brand licenses from the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball, and individual team licenses — 30 for the NBA and 16 for MLB.

In the NBA collection, HANNspree will offer a model called “Net” ($599.99 suggested retail price), which features a 10-inch LCD screen set within a basketball hoop. The metal hoop frames a bezel resembling a basketball.

Other NBA SKUs include “Boombox” ($649.99), featuring a 12-inch LCD screen; “XXL” ($749.99), featuring a 15-inch screen with a bezel styled after a basketball jersey of one of 30 NBA teams; “Pennant” ($749.99), featuring a 15-inch screen; “Ball” ($749.99), featuring a 15-inch screen with a bezel made of real basketball material; “Rebound” ($949.99), featuring 15-inch screen; and “Backboard” ($1,399.99), a 23W-inch high-definition LCD-TV monitor designed around a basketball backboard complete with a digital LED shot clock that keeps actual time.

Models in the MLB collection include “Baseball” ($549.99), which is offered in versions with 16 different team logos. The model features a 10-inch screen and a bezel that looks like a baseball, using authentic baseball leather and stitching.

“Sandlot” ($749.99) features a 15-inch screen and is designed to resemble an old stadium.

Within the fantasy grouping are a number of models using the Disney-brand license. These include “Dalmatian,” featuring a 12-inch screen and a bezel designed around the film “102 Dalmatians,” and “Buzz” ($599.99), featuring a 10-inch screen designed to resemble Buzz Lightyear’s helmet from the “Toy Story” movies.

Also offered is a pair of Mickey Mouse themed models called “Retro Mickey,” ($549), featuring a 10-inch screen, and “Chic Mickey” ($649.99), featuring a 12-inch screen. A pair of 10-inch “Winnie The Pooh” themed LCD TVs is offered, called “Pooh Smile” and “Pooh Picnic” ($549.99 each).

One of the more elaborate Disney models, called “Coach” ($549.99), features a 10-inch screen designed to support Disney’s re-release of the “Cinderella” movie this fall. The style resembles Cinderella’s coach and features a metal base that looks like a carriage wheel assembly.

HANNspree’s 40 original non-licensed designs are offered in both children and adult styles.

Leading the young children’s collection is the 10-model animals assortment, each featuring 10-inch screens and carrying $449.99 suggested retail prices. The bezel wraparound for each set is made of plush cloth material that can be removed and machined washed. Each is crafted to look like one of the following stuffed animals: “Elephant,” “Dog,” “Sheep,” “Zebra,” “Lion,” Monkey,” “Pig,” “Cow,” “Crab” and “Giraffe,”

A line of LCDs geared for babies features three 10-inch LCD models patterned after different animals. “Teddy” ($749.99) resembles a teddy bear; “Nini” ($749.99) resembles a blue rabbit; and “Robby” ($749.99) resembles a green frog.

One of the most detailed items in the line is “Fire Truck” ($699.99), which is a 10-inch LCD TV designed to look like a child’s toy fire engine. The design detail even uses the connected cables to resemble fire hoses. Other 10-inch “vehicle” designs in the series include “Train” ($649.99), “Semitruck” ($649.99) and “Helicopter” ($549.99).

Adult-targeted models are offered in “lifestyle,” “fashion” and “playful” themes. Among the more noteworthy is a model called “Vaas” ($849.99), featuring a 15-inch screen surround made of the same high-gloss wood-grain lacquer used to make Audi dashboards.

In the playful category is a model called “French Fries” ($549.99), which features a 10-inch screen with a bezel styled to look like a bag of French fries and a remote that looks like a packet of ketchup.

“E-Folio” ($549.99), features a 10-inch screen with a bezel designed to look like a folding desktop picture frame, holding the TV screen instead of a still photograph.