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Handspring Debuts Trade In Promotion

Mountain View, Calif. — Handspring launched a new trade-in program for handheld PCs towards the purchase of the company’s new Visor Edge.

Starting June 8, through July 1, owners of any handheld PDA, working or non-working, may send in their unit to Handspring and receive a $100 rebate on a Visor Edge, which typically carries a $399 suggested list price.

Customers who own an old Handspring Visor model do not have to send in the product. They may simply key in the product’s serial number at the web site and then order the Edge from the site for the discounted $299 price. Handspring is encouraging these users to give the old Handspring to a friend and users must also name the person who will receive the old Visor when applying for the discount at

Other users must send in their old handheld after purchasing the Edge at the standard price and then receive a $100 rebate in the mail.

A Handspring spokesman said any PDA qualifies for the rebate. “As long as it’s got a datebook and it’s not a calculator.”