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Haier Opens Olympic Exhibit In Beijing

Beijing, China — Haier, the official white-goods sponsor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, has opened its “Making the World a Home” Experience Center, here in Chaoyang Park.

The Experience Center will be open to the public for the duration of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, where visitors will experience Haier’s vision of the future of home appliances and its U-Home technology.

The Experience Center, located at the south entrance of Chaoyang Park, Beijing, will allow visitors to experience 16 hours of a person’s life in the future showcasing Haier’s solutions to ease the life of the user from morning to evening.

At home in the morning, while the consumer is exercising, his jogging machine will monitor his pulse rate or energy consumed. When leaving home, U-Home technology will automatically shut down lights to save energy and start the security system.

In the office, Haier brings wireless interactive devices, making the office environment more clear and efficient. On the way home after work, the user can check the content of his refrigerator on his mobile phone and make a detour to the store accordingly.

Finally, at home in the evening, the intelligent bed will recognize when the user has finished his day, and will shut down the lights, the television and close the curtains.

The bubble-shaped building also serves as a giant screen where evening light shows will introduce Haier’s history, Olympic sponsorship and efforts for environmental protection.

The entertainment area of the Experience Center will offer virtual sports games that will allow visitors to test Haier’s technology while playing. Haier’s technology, named U-Home for “Ubiquitous Home,” will accompany users in every step of their day-to-day life, keeping them connected to the world when at home and to home when outside.