Haier Demos Thought-Controlled TV

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Berlin, Germany - China-based


is showing at this week's IFA electronics fair here what it is calling "the world's first brain-computer interface technology Smart TV."

The TV, which is manufactured by Haier and powered by NeuroSky ThinkGear technology, is a Haier Cloud Smart TV with the ability to have users interact with apps on the set using biofeedback.

Haier said the TV is scheduled for release in October in China at a price to be determined.

NeuroSky's MindReader headset is said to detect human brainwave patterns revealing a person's mental state. The NeuroSky MindReader then translates the monitored brainwaves into digital signals that the television can recognize.

The brain-controlled TV applications allow users to develop control over their concentration and relaxation abilities through entertainment applications.

NeuroSky is a Silicon Valley-based bio sensor company founded in 2004. NeuroSky provides a platform solution by building wearable, embedded system level sensors that interpret brainwaves and other bio-signals for human-to-machine interface technology.

Haier's Home Cloud Solution provides a suite of "Cloud Family" entertainment experiences on a new class of Smart TV sets including aforementioned NeuroSky controlled biofeedback programs.


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