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Haier Bundles eMusic Downloads With MP3 Players

New York
– Haier is bundling 35 free music downloads from eMusic with the purchase of
two new video-enabled MP3 players.

One player, called the Sport, appears in the Haier Health line
with 2GB of video, music and photo storage in a ruggedized water-resistant chassis
at an approximate everyday $49.99. It comes with an armband, sports earphones,
and built-in pedometer and stopwatch. Other features include FM tuner, 1-inch
OLED display and rechargeable battery.

The Haier Video isavailable for about $49.99 in a 4GB
version and $59.99 in an 8GB version with touchpad controls, 1.8-inch LCD
screen, FM radio, USB 2.0,
rechargeable battery and smooth black finish. It delivers 30 hours of music
playback on one charge.