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Haier AC Wins Apple OK

NEW YORK – Haier’s Wi-Fi-connected Tianzun air conditioner has become the first major appliance to receive quality and compatibility certification from Apple.

The AC, which also operates as a room heater and air purifier, passed muster under Apple’s stringent MFi authorization program for third-party hardware. Usually reserved for CE accessories like connectors, docks and chargers, MFi sets rigorous performance standards for a product’s design, quality, compatibility and ease of set up.

Athough the floorstanding Tianzun unit is designed for the Chinese market, Haier says it plans to apply the same mobile-control technology to other products, including ovens and water heaters. Longer term, the company is developing a “One cloud and N terminals” industrial architecture for smart homes that would make all appliances double as Internet terminals.

The ring-shaped Tianzun can be controlled remotely by voice or smartphone keypad via Haier’s [email protected] app.