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Griffin Ships iTalk Pro

Nashville, Tenn. — Griffin Technology announced this week that its new iTalk Pro has shipped to stores.

The iTalk Pro is designed to enable iPod users to record under real-world conditions. It plugs directly into the iPod’s dock connector, eliminating the need for extra cables and adapters.

It features one-touch operation and can record in stereo or mono. Built-in twin microphones record in stereo at 44.1kHz to yield CD-quality recordings, said the company in a release. It also features a stereo 1/8-inch input jack to accommodate external microphones for greater stereo separation. Versatile adjustable gain settings give the user control over the volume.

The iTalk Pro can be used with the iPod with video capabilities and the iPod nano 2G. Priced at $49.99, it is available at and other retailers where iPod accessories are sold.