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Griffin’s Dock Adapter Readies Shuffle For Speaker Systems

Nashville, Tenn. — Griffin Technology announced a dock adapter for the second-generation iPod Shuffle.

The dock adapter is designed to let Shuffle owners use speaker systems and other devices that previously could only be used with full-size docking iPod models. Griffin calls the dock adapter the “missing link between universal dock devices and second-generation iPod shuffle.”

It is described by the company as a low-profile device that is small enough to travel in any accessory case. Users slip the dock adapter into the dock bay of a speaker system and then slip the Shuffle into the dock adapter.

It features a slider switch that toggles between charge/sync and audio-play modes. In the charge/sync mode, the dock adapter allows for data transfer and iTunes synchronization to and from the attached iPod Shuffle as it charges the battery. Users switch to the audio mode to connect the Shuffle to a speaker system. The dock adapter is engineered to be used with Apple universal dock bays.

The product has a $19.99 suggested retail and is currently available.