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Griffin Debuts Paper iPad Folios

Nashville, Tenn. –– Griffin Technology has teamed with Austrian design house Papernomad for a new folio for the iPad and iPad Mini made of water-resistant and tear-resistant paper that can be custom decorated by the consumer.

The new Papernomad Tootsie Folio can be drawn on with pencils, crayons, ink, markers, paint, and even coffee stains and lipstick, Griffin said, creating a completely unique companion case that tells its owner’s story and protects the device with minimum impact on the environment.

The Tootsie Folio is created with Papernomad’s patented paper composite, a wool-blend lining and a natural hemp fiber closure-strap, all sewn by hand in Europe. Embedded magnets in the strap hold the folio closed or folded into a stand for viewing and typing. A magnetic strip on the interior of the folio grips the iPad’s built-in magnet and works with two corner straps to hold the iPad securely in place.

Papernomad was founded by a group of socially conscious artists whose designs stress identity, mobility and sustainability through the questioning of existing systems and the design sustainable solutions with respect to social and environmental issues.

Griffin will serve as the exclusive distributor of Papernomad products in North America.

“We’ve really enjoyed working with the Papernomad team to develop a case adapted for North American customer’s preferences,” said Keavy Murphree, Griffin’d product line manager. “Papernomad brought a solution to the table that delighted us all, one unlike any case we’d ever seen in the folio market. Tootsie’s unique magnetic system combined with Papernomad’s patented paper composite make it the ideal solution for creative people seeking device protection.”

Each product in the Papernomad collection is named after places where significant progress on them was made, according to the company. The new iPad folio is named after Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, the world-famous tavern in downtown Nashville whose “cold beer and live music left such an impression on Papernomad’s creators, they’ve commemorated it in the name of their new folios.”

The Tootsie Folio for iPad, $69.99, and iPad Mini, $59.99, are now available here, along with other Papernomad designs.