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Gretag Intros Kiosk Software

With RSA software running on kiosks, technicians, managers, and support staff can view a kiosk’s performance from remote locations, view error and usage logs, and upgrade kiosk software without leaving their offices. RSA software is now available with Gretag ‘image2print’ software, which powers all Gretag-branded kiosks, as well as third party-branded Gretag kiosks.

Gretag claims that the RSA software running on Gretag kiosks helps retailers lower overall management cost by reducing technician visits. In addition, retailers can remotely change product and pricing throughout a multi-store kiosk network or do so on an individual basis via the software.

They can also track individual kiosk usage data, and gather up-to-date and historical information on kiosk health and status.

Holyoke, Mass – Kiosk manufacturer Gretag introduced new Remote Services Application (RSA)
software for the administration, maintenance, and support of its deployed photo

Gretag’s RSA software also provides built-in security using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for all remote kiosk transactions. With this feature, the retailer’s browser and kiosk network are protected from fraudulent attempts to access information, or to hijack and reroute communications.

The RSA software incorporated in Gretag’s image2print kiosk software features three distinct applications; Kiosk Health, Kiosk Maintenance, and Kiosk Support.

Kiosk Health displays the status of all kiosks, as well as the status of the image2print software running on each kiosk. Using this component, administrators can also view the status of the application, interval status, errors, and the last communication that occurred with the kiosk.

Kiosk Maintenance enables the remote installation of software patches that allows administration to update a distributed network of kiosks with new functionality without the need of a service visit. The third application, Kiosk Support, allows access to log files from any kiosk in the network, as well as the downloading of those files to a local machine. This application allows the user to request and download error logs, as well as usage logs.