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Berlin -


is using this week's 2011 IFA show here to unveil a new eyeQ Interactive Program Guide targeting smart TVs and mobile video devices.

The guide is being rolled out first in Europe with plans to expand to other areas of the world, including the U.S., in the future, the company said.

The eyeQ will be available initially in Philips' 2011 Smart TV line-up (for Europe only) and in Loewe iPad and Android mobile devices.

Among the advantages of the guide is the ability to turn Smart TVs into media hubs where viewers can browse TV program listings local and national broadcasts, cable and satellite TV stations, as well as on-demand and streaming Internet content offerings.

In addition the eyeQ will allow viewers to dig dipper into program information to research the cast, directors, program synopsis and other details.

The guide will also utilize metadata to make recommendations of programs to view or record based on the users past selections and guide activities.

Not surprisingly, the eyeQ guide uses Gracenote's library of entertainment content information search and delivery systems, including: Gracenote MusicID, VideoID and Video Explore to call up relevant information from a rich database to help identify songs playing in a TV program, for example.

Philips TVs present viewers and an eyeQ home screen that will take them into listings for TV shows from multiple distribution paths.

The eyeQ features first will be made available as a software update to current owners of Philips Smart TVs.

Loewe is demonstrating an iPad and Android App at IFA that allows TV viewers to interact with their TV through an eyeQ powered guide. An app on the iPad or Android device lets viewers browse channels without interrupting the main TV screen.

A TV Sync features lets a Loewe TV synch via WiFi with an iPad or Android device so that viewers can interact with through the program guide.

The Gracenote eyeQ uses direct feeds from content owners, as well as  partners including Tribune Media Services to provides TV, movie and celebrity metadata, images and program schedules.

Gracenote integrates German-based tvtv Services, a major EPG and connected TV service provider in Europe, to provide television programming listings for more than 17,000 channels in more than 20 countries.


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