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Gracenote Opens Video API To Second-Screen Developers

Emeryville, Calif. – Gracenote said this week that it will open its video API and metadata program enabling developers to create second-screen apps for TV shows without the permission of content owners.

The open video APIs will be put to work at the TV Hackathon June 22 at TVOT in San Francisco, where developers will have the opportunity to compete in second-screen app creation for a $2,000 “most innovative hack” prize.

The latest API release from Gracenote includes TV listings data and imagery, as well as Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, which lets smartphones and tablets identify and sync with TV programs and movies.

 Gracenote recognition technology and data currently power the second-screen experience for a number of leading TV companion apps, including Syfy Sync and Zeebox.

The company’s TV listings and descriptive metadata powers millions of Smart TV and second-screen guide experiences from major TV manufacturers.

Gracenote Entourage ACR uses the built-in microphone in tablets and smartphones to identify a TV show or movie by “listening” to a few seconds of the dialogue and soundtrack. Gracenote can then sync the second-screen device with the program, and create an interactive experience.

 The Gracenote EyeQ Interactive Program Guide features local and national TV listings, as well as cast and crew photos, cover art and other related imagery. With up to 21 days of programming data, Gracenote EyeQ offers a means to reinvent the guide and user interface.

Developers can register for the Gracenote Developer Program at: