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Grace Adds Time Shifting To Tabletop Internet Radios

San Diego –

Grace Digital Audio

upgraded all
of its tabletop Internet radios to access a free cloud-based service that lets
users record AM/FM talk-radio programs for later streaming.

The company said it’s the first
Internet radio supplier to offer the feature.

 The radios come with a free

account, enabling consumers via PC to
schedule cloud-based recordings of thousands of programs from hundreds of
talk-show hosts from participating stations. The consumer’s Grace radio is then
able to stream the recorded programs over the Internet from’s servers.
Consumers can choose to record all future shows broadcast by a particular
talk-show host. They can also contact to add the local airing of the
talk show program.

Each cloud account includes
storage for 70 hours of talk shows from such personalities as Sean Hannity,
Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Miller, Jim Rome, and Mike & Mike in the Morning.

 For computer users and smartphones,
also streams time-shifted music broadcasts from hundreds of radio stations.

 On the Grace radios, works like this:
Users sign up online, log in, and search for a show they want to record. Once
the service is enabled on a Grace Radio, users will find a
category on the radio’s menu.