Grace Adds Pandora Tabletop Radio


San Diego -

Grace Digital

, which offers a wide selection of home and portable Internet radios, added to its selection with a tabletop model

promoted as offering full control over Pandora Internet radio functions.

The Wi-Fi-equipped GDI-IR2550p at an everyday $169 "incorporates the same features that Pandora listeners use on computers and smart phones," the company said. Those functions include one-button access to Pandora's thumbs up/down feature, skip, play, pause, and bookmarking songs directly from the radio's remote, its front-panel controls, and an iPod/iPhone app.

The radio also streams audio from more than 50,000 radio stations, podcasts, and on-demand content providers. Content providers include NPR, FOX News, CNN, BBC, CBS, iheartradio, NOAA Weather Reports, Live365, KROQ, and Sirius Premium Internet radio. The device also streams music from a networked PC.

TheGDI-IR2550p is available on Grace's website and

 The company recently added its first component-style Internet radio tuner and its first portable AC/DC model. Those and most other Grace Internet radios stream Pandora but control limited Pandora features.

Last year, competitor Livio Radio launched a tabletop Internet radio with front-panel control of all Pandora functions but pause, Livio told TWICE.


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