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GPX Lands GoVideo Brand

St. Louis — Consumer electronics supplier GPX said it has reached a licensing agreement with Opta for exclusive rights to use the GoVideo brand on non-television consumer electronics products and components.

The deal covers most of the products carried under GoVideo’s core product line. GPX is the exclusive license for the GoVideo Dual-Deck products, component products and portable products for retail sales, the company said.

As previously reported in TWICE, flat-panel TV supplier SOYO Group has licensed the GoVideo brand for exclusive use on flat-panel TVs and certain components that will be bundled with those TVs. An Opta spokesman confirmed that SOYO’s licensing deal remains in place under the terms of that prior two-year contract.

In addition to the GoVideo brand, GPX said it will “assume all responsibility for marketing GoVideo’s patented Dual-Deck systems as well as design and manufacturing activities surrounding a new and growing line of video playback solutions.”

“We look forward to leveraging our market experience and technology strengths to help continue the success of GoVideo and build on the line and brand,” Bill Fetter, GPX CEO, said in a statement announcing the deal. “The GoVideo line is a great addition to the GPX family of products, and this license is one of the many developments that we have implemented regarding our strategic growth initiatives.”

GPX told TWICE that “the marketing position for the GoVideo brand will be to maintain the stature as a high-quality product line that competes with all the top-tier brands on features and performance while being sensitive to market pricing for these brands.”

“GPX has chosen GoVideo as the ideal brand to offer better performing products with better margins to its retail partners. The GoVideo line will not be an opening price point product,” GPX said.

The company said that while some of GPX’s current retail partners will carry the GoVideo brand, “GPX is expanding its channels of distribution to retail partners who are not GPX retailers at this time. This product line will be controlled separately for better channel management.”

As it introduces the new GoVideo products in September, GPX will also continue to focus on GPX-branded product as its core business, the company said.

“GoVideo is another opportunity to grow beyond the GPX-branded products,” the company said.0

GoVideo had been known primarily as a supplier of Dual-Deck products, including VCRs, VCR/DVD recorders and players, PC-to-TV extenders and other A/V devices.

“GPX will also be developing additional video innovations to focus on the key strengths of the Dual-Deck format along with a complete line of new DVD offerings and additional cool and stylized personal video products,” GPX said.

GPX said it plans to have the first GoVideo-branded products covered under the deal on shelves in the fall.

“We chose GPX over numerous other companies due to its unique ability to develop innovative features and industry-leading designed products,” said Chris Porter, GoVideo president. “GPX was viewed as the best company to continue the rich GoVideo tradition of developing first-to-market products, and we look forward to assisting them as they grow the brand throughout North America.”