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Gov’t IT Showcase Opens During CES At Riviera In Vegas

The Government IT Showcase will begin today at the Riviera Hotel, where CES attendees can hear government speakers discuss a range of topics on emerging technologies and the new era of security.

The conference will run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the hotel and will feature speakers such as: Steven Cooper, President’s Office of Homeland Security CIO; Congressman Silvestre Reyes of Texas; Rafi Ron former security director for the Israeli Airport Authority; and William Dawson, Deputy Intelligence Community CIO.

More than 150 emerging technology companies showcasing new products/services designed specifically for Homeland Security will exhibit. The purpose of the convention is to provide a forum for Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Federal, State and Local government representatives, including first responders, to interact and discuss each other’s requirements and concerns regarding Homeland Security, according to the Government Emerging Technology Alliance (GETA).

GETA has formed a Government Expert Planning Committee consisting of representatives from the Intelligence Community CIO, NSA, DIA, ATF, DOE, CIAO, NIMA, In-Q-Tel, FBI, USDA, NRO, DOJ, Law Enforcement Working Group, National Guard, DoD, New York City Police Department, U.S. Coast Guard, and other agencies. The event producer is National Conference Services.