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GoVideo Introduces Variety Of Audio, Video Products At CES

GoVideo (found at booth 10436) will be introducing a lineup of products at this week’s 2007 International CES.

The lineup features an up-converting DVD player with HDMI output, a DVD-VCR dubbing deck, a DVD recorder, two portable DVD models, a home music system and an iPod 5.1 home theater system with an up-converting DVD player.

GoVideo will be showing two models of progressive-scan DVD players and one DVD recorder. The line consists of a progressive-scan DVD player, model YGD2817-HDMI, that up-converts 480p to 720p or 1,080i through the HDMI output. The retail price for the unit is $69.99 and includes the HDMI cable. The dual-deck DVD-VCR, model YGDV2817, features progressive-scan DVD output and six-head Hi-Fi, VCR/SVHS playback for a suggested retail of $79.99. At $129.99, the GoVideo DVD recorder model YGDD3817 features progressive-scan playback, DVD+/- R/RW record compatibility, five record modes and digital video inputs (IEEE 1394).

GoVideo is also debuting two tablet-style portable DVD models. Model YGPDL907 is a fold-down unit featuring a 9-inch LCD swivel-screen display. With multi-standard video playback capability, the unit includes a built-in anti-shock system designed to protect delicate components during rugged transportation. A Li-Poly battery is meant to ensure long operation on a single charge. The unit includes built-in stereo speakers and comes with a remote carry/car bag AC/DC adapter and ear buds, and has an introductory retail price of $169.

Model YGPDL1107, an iPod docking portable DVD player, is a fold-down unit that features a “Made for iPod” dock, DVD player and an 11.4-inch LCD swivel screen. Offering multi-standard video playback capability, USB connection and memory-card slot, the unit includes a dual-headphone jack and a built-in anti-shock system. A Li-Poly battery is featured. Retailing at $299, the unit includes built-in stereo speakers and comes with its own remote, carry/car bag, AC/DC adapter and ear buds.

Its home music system, model YGHMD717DT, is an all-in-one home entertainment or executive system featured in black with gray speaker grills, has a built-in 7-inch LCD TV display for DVD movie playback as well as CD, JPEG/MP3 playback compatibility. A built-in NTSC/ATSC TV tuner provides reception for standard and HDTV signals, and it also has a AM/FM radio. A full-function remote control, A/V outputs and detachable speakers complete the system. It has a $199 suggested retail.

Created as a one-stop home entertainment system designed to fit today’s lifestyles, GoVideo’s iPod 5.1-channel home theater system is a full-function, remote-controlled system that plays all iPod models through an iPod-certified dock and charges the iPod while playing music or an iPod with video capabilities. Regardless of which video source selected, the unit produces 5.1 audio reproduction through the front speakers and surround sound through wired/wireless-ready surround speakers. A powered subwoofer reinforces low-end impact and is meant to offer startling force during movie special effects, the company said.

Featuring a drawer-loading five DVD/CD/MP3/WMA/JPEG player for versatility and convenience, the progressive-scan DVD player on the GoVideo system up-converts 480p signals to either 720p or 1,080i through its HDMI output. Additional features include an AM/FM radio with PLL for tuning accuracy, a full-function remote control, four-band EQ, two A/V inputs and one A/V S-Video output. The CES announced price for the new system is $299.